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The homeland is in its various stages in the consolidate of the need for security and stability to straighten the renaissance and grow prosperity, for the power is truly indispensable to achieve security and stability, as the Almighty says in the court of his dear book)) and prepare for them what you have obedient to the power of the power of the power of )

Since the emergence of the first light of the Bahrain Defense Force at the beginning of August 1968, and until now, the Bahrain Defense Force has passed more than five decades full of dedication, giving, sincerity, construction, and continuous and multiple achievements in all military levels, and in various combat positions, from In order to preserve the nation’s historical gains and civilizational achievements, and to extend security and stability across its territory, it is not unreasonable that the Bahrain Defense Force has, over its five decades, been building impregnable fortresses for security and stability, and building solid fortresses for prosperity and prosperity; May the kingdom's flag always fly high.

For more than fifty years, during which the vision of our wise leadership, headed by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Great King of the country, the Supreme Leader, may God protect him and his care, was embodied in achieving the desired progress and prosperity for the Kingdom of Bahrain, which could not be achieved if the foundations of defense were not available, and the reasons for protection were established and prepared. Means of security and stability through the support, development and modernization of the Bahrain Defense Force, by providing it with the latest weapons and equipping it with military technology; To be able to defend the homeland and preserve its independence and sovereignty.

More than fifty-plus years, His Majesty, the King of the country, the Supreme Leader, has led this proud national force from achievement to achievement, and from success to success, and with the grace of God Almighty, and the depth of His Majesty’s commitment to developing this force, and to the benevolent efforts of its loyal men, the days pass and the achievements continue, and the progress is progressing. Serious work in implementing the goals that were set to establish, form, build and develop this lofty force, and place it in the ranks of the advanced modern armies in the world.

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