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ground forces


The Land Forces of the Bahrain Defense Force, with their various weapons and mechanisms, constitute an integrated system in the performance of their duties, and the competently and effectively carrying out the tasks assigned to them.
Since its establishment and with the beginning of the graduation of the first batch of its enlisted men on February 5, 1969, the Bahrain Defense Force has sought to form the nucleus of the land force and has given it great care in preparing, training, arming and equipping it, and placing it within the programs of the continuous development plans through which the Bahrain Defense Force is keen to reach all its units to the The appropriate level, which keeps pace with the spirit of the modern era, its military theories, and its advanced precision weapons, with an objective consideration of the conditions of the geographical location, and the available capabilities with all their material and human elements.
With the establishment of the nucleus of the land force, the general command of the Bahrain Defense Force became obsessed with the necessity of forming other combat units supporting and complementing the ground forces, so they entered into the establishment space, and received continuous attention in organizing and equipping them, mobilizing their cadres and defining their duties in order to achieve integration between these units.



In order to achieve the objectives of the strategic coordination that the leadership of the Bahrain Defense Force aspires to, with its armaments and training capabilities, it was able to form, with other weapons, an integrated force that can perform the duty entrusted to it with dedication, merit and sincerity to defend the fever and soil of this dear country. His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Great King of the country, the Supreme Commander, may God protect him, said on one occasion: (The Bahrain Defense Force is moving with God’s help in the various military sectors, land, air, and sea. To perform the sacred duty of defending our dear homeland, and the protection of its civilizational gains). The Bahrain Defense Force has paid careful attention to organizing its weapons and military and administrative units, and efforts have continued to develop plans and programs for reorganization and development with each stage in order to achieve comprehensive strategic goals, and in line with the requirements of national security, taking into account regional conditions and developments. And the world, with the aim of raising the combat, administrative and technical capabilities of the Bahrain Defense Force.

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